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Smile! Or don't?
— by Anna-Louw van Rooijen Anna-Louw van Rooijen
Candid photos are such a big part of why I enjoy the challenge of wedding photography. Emotions at a wedding day span from bundles of nerves to such heartfelt warmth and happiness...and everything inbetween.

While I'm sure every couple wants that epic creative shoot image to put up in the living room and post all over Facebook - my personal favourites are all the fleeting 'in-betweeners' that tell the story of the wedding day. Little stories of moms helping and doting, groomsmen poking fun, bridesmaids sharing an inside giggle, heartfelt tears quickly and quietly wiped away, sidesplitting laughs and silly banter...I love looking for and trying to snatch these interactions between friends and family at a wedding.

Granted - they're not easy photos to take, because when a moment is gone, it's gone. But it makes it all the more special when I do get those shots. When I'm working through 100s of photos, it's almost always these pictures that make me smile the most and make me want to go out there and shoot more and more.

Here are some of my favourite candid moments from weddings where I've assisted Kate Martens and Amy du Toit. Enjoy!